Cardiff City Hall Micro Wedding | Cathryn & James

Cathryn & James finally married in Cardiff City Hall. They initially planned to hold their wedding in June 2020 however, COVID-19 got in the way, and just like all brides and grooms they had to postpone to a later date. Lucky for them their postponement date was only 7 days later. They got married but not to the extent of how they planned their day. James and I were at the same school when we were both young participating in the same classes, although I only met Cathryn on the day of the wedding due to us all only finding out the wedding was going ahead 2 days before.  

Getting ready

Cathryn was getting ready at home along with her 4 children and her sister. As I arrived, everyone was in good spirits for the day. A few work colleagues turned up to congratulate Cathryn on her wedding day however social distancing as we all were. Once everyone was ready and after a few portraits, we ventured outside where all the neighbors in the street have gathered to see Cathryn off before she was escorted to the ceremony in a Range Rover organised by her brother-in-law.  

The ceremony

The ceremony was conducted at Cardiff City Hall and due to these strange times, it was unlike any normal ceremony. The room set up for the ceremony only had the capacity for up to 15 persons including the officiants. Luckily I was included within that number however all persons were spread around the room. I felt slightly lost as normally I would be shooting from different parts of the room however I was told as with everyone else to remain in your seated space during the ceremony. The ceremony lasted somewhere between 15 and 20 minutes so I only had a small window to capture enough photographs of the ceremony were due to the position I was placed meant there were some photos with the bride and groom back turned to us. We vacated the ceremony room and headed to the garden to the rear of City Hall to finish off with more photographs. Unfortunately, the remainder of the building is closed off due to COVID, and the fountains were fenced off due to much-needed repair work. 

The reception

Cathryn & James planned to have their reception at Radyr Golf Club however that was no longer an option so they decided to have a small gathering back home with family, a buffet for 20 people, however, the amount of food that was provided could have served a further 20 guests. Being such a small wedding, I had the chance to talk to the family, have a catch up with James and everyone felt the day was perfect and intimate. We finished with the usual cutting of the cake and the first dance in the living room to Nat King Cole on Spotify.

Thank you for booking me as your wedding photographer for what I can describe as one the strangest wedding I have had the pleasure to photograph due to the issue of COVID.